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Sing and Swing – Elizabeth Henderson

This is the planning for ‘Sing and Swing’, as delivered at Three Ways School in Bath.


Sing and Swing provides a familiar, consistent format through which individual pupils or groups (working on the floor, on a one to one basis) can experience and develop engagement and a range of preverbal and interaction skills. Repetitive words (reflecting the active or assisted movements of the whole body / isolated body parts) are set to familiar tunes which are sung by the adults (and verbal pupils) present. This gives opportunity for the songs to be repeated at various tempos, volumes and in different styles, as suggested by the responses of the pupils. Individuals are given space, time and encouragement to join in, and then to investigate, discover and initiate new movements, which are then incorporated into the session.  The songs can be sung in any order and repeated as often as appropriate. The session should be led by the pupils and their needs. At Three Ways School, we monitor progress against each pupil’s own targets using a recording format based on the CLDD Research Project engagement indicators (Carpenter et al, 2011).

It is a very simple format, but is only of value if delivered well, by staff who really understand pupils at early developmental levels (apologies for stating the obvious to experienced practitioners!)


We have wonderful results and are able to record real (and useful) progress using this as one of our wide range of approaches with learners up to about P4 (and very young pupils of higher ability).  Sing and Swing is a timetabled lesson for our mixed ability reception class. The song about ‘patting’ is a relatively new addition and was inspired only last term by a verbal 4 year old who absolutely adores Sing and Swing.  One week he went ‘off piste’ and we just followed his lead…


Elizabeth Henderson

Consultant Speech and Language Therapist

Three Ways School, Bath.  



To find out more contact Eilzabeth directly at: liz.henderson@threeways.co.uk




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